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Get Directions +49 30 206167116. [121][needs update], Russia has very low debt-to-GDP ratio, it is among the lowest ratios in the world. [95][96] By 2016, the Russian economy rebounded with 0.3% GDP growth and is officially out of the recession. Das Treffen findet heurer in der Schweiz genauer in Montreux vom 30. war von 1980 bis 2015 Mitarbeiter der volkswirtschaftlichen Abteilung der Ruhrgas AG … Community See All. Russland und OPEC wollten dieser Entwicklung entgegensteuern, konnten sich im März 2020 aber auf keine weitere Förderkürzung einigen. [39] There has been a substantial rise in wealth inequality in Russia since 1990 (far more than in China and other Eastern European countries). As of December 2007, there were an estimated 4,900,000 broadband lines in Russia.[159]. More than 2,000 foreign companies opened up businesses in Germany in 2018 – a new … However, during December 2015 it was reported by the Moscow Times that the number of people living at or below the poverty line, "those with monthly incomes of less than 9,662 rubles ($140)" increased by more than 2.3 million people. Foreign trade of Russia - Russian export and import[183], Foreign trade rose 34% to $151.5 billion in the first half of 2005, mainly due to the increase in oil and gas prices which now form 64% of all exports by value. [101] Russia has the world's 15th highest patent application rate, the 8th highest concentration of high-tech public companies, such as internet and aerospace and the third highest graduation rate of scientists and engineers. Auf der Agenda:1. [62][63], Inflation remained a problem however, as the central bank aggressively expanded money supply to combat appreciation of the ruble. Von Gerit Schulze | Moskau … Ansprechpartner vor Ort // on-the-spot German-speaking contact partners … The downturn served to emphasise the importance of the government to the construction market.[169]. The majority of deals in, into or out of Russia have taken place in the financial sector (29%), followed by banks (8.6%), oil and gas (7.8%) and Metals and Mining (7.2%). Viele starke Dieselmotoren werden das Schiff antreiben, sodass … Mai – 02. [83], In 2016, the Russian economy was the sixth largest in the world by PPP and twelfth largest at market exchange rates. Agriculture accounts for the remaining 2%. Organization. Along with a rapid devaluation of the ruble, inflation in Russia has greatly increased. Much of the reason for the recovery was the devaluation of the ruble, which made domestic producers more competitive nationally and internationally. Historically, from 1997 until 2013, Russia balance of trade averaged 8338.23 USD million reaching an all-time high of 20647 USD million in December 2011 and a record low of −185 USD million in February 1998. The largest companies are light vehicle producers AvtoVAZ and GAZ, while KAMAZ is the leading heavy vehicle producer. [citation needed], Russia has more than a fifth of the world's forests, which makes it the largest forest country in the world. He also presented a number of metrics demonstrating the change - the GDP has fallen by 3.7%, income - by 4.3%, salaries - by 9.3% and inflation reached 12.9%. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Bereits Ende Juni hatte es Presseberichte gegeben, das russische Wirtschaftsministerium werde hauptsächlich wegen der Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer seine Prognosen für das Wachstum der russischen Wirtschaft beträchtlich senken. Um die Wirkung auf die Währung zu aufzuheben, wurden durch Rohstoffexporte erwirtschaftete Einnahmeüberschüsse in einem Fond gesammelt. In 2009 Russia had 128,000 kilometres of common-carrier railroad line, of which about half was electrified and carried most of the traffic; over 40% was double track or better. Translation by Yuridicheskaya literatura publishing company. [28][29][30] The World Bank estimates the total value of Russia's natural resources at $75 trillion US dollars. Imports in Russia decreased to 21296 USD million in January 2013 from 31436 USD million in December 2012. [needs update] However, the ruble has fallen significantly since 2013 when the central bank announced the plans. Level of claims paid on the market total without CHI is 46.5%, an insufficient increase compared to 2012. The IMF was the subject of criticism for lending so much as Russia introduced little of the reforms promised for the money and a large part of these funds could have been "diverted from their intended purpose and included in the flows of capital that left the country illegally".[56][57]. Putin's system is remarkable for its ubiquitous and open merging of the civil service and business, as well as its use of relatives, friends, and acquaintances to benefit from budgetary expenditures and take over state property. Reliable information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from the World Health Organization (current situation, international travel).Numerous and frequently-updated resource results are available from this search.OCLC’s WebJunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus issues in their … The decree puts special emphasis on purchases of innovation products and technologies. USD, whereas the number of deals peaked in 2010 with 3,684 (964 compared to the value record year 2007). Mining (11% of GDP), manufacturing (13%) and construction (4%) are the most important industry segments. [111], Large current account surpluses caused rapid real appreciation of the ruble between 2000 and 2008. Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak estimated it would reach 600–700 billion rubles by 1 February 2008. [179] The most visited destinations in Russia are Moscow and Saint Petersburg, recognized as World Cities. Expanding U.S. energy productionwould stress Russia’s economy, potentially constraining its government budget and, by extension, its defense spending. Corrupt hierarchies characterize different sectors of the economy,[127] including education. In 2009, companies belonging to the United Aircraft Corporation delivered 95 new fixed-wing aircraft to its customers, including 15 civilian models. 2019 könnte noch schlimmer werden. Corporate, property, and land raiding is commonplace. Leading launch vehicle producers are Khrunichev and TsSKB Progress. According to the independent Global Trade Alert, Russia put significant protectionist policies in place. Bank of Russia is governed by a board of directors, headed by a governor who is appointed by the President of Russia. [135] A World Bank report puts this figure at 48%. 73% of respondents in large businesses and 77% in medium and small are dealing with a "crisis" while only 4% described it as "good". [80] Russia is rated one of the most unequal of the world’s major economies. [82], At the end of 2016, the United States imposed further sanctions on the Russian Federation in response to what the US government said was Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections. Die Zentralbank der Russischen Föderation prognostiziert, dass der Ölpreis wischen $55 und $63 liegen wird. [88][89] Russia also has the second-largest volume of illicit money outflows, having lost over $880 billion between 2002 and 2011 in this way. Damit zog es zum ersten Mal in die Top 30 der Länder mit dem besten Investitionsklima für Unternehmen ein. The most successful construction firms concluded contracts worth billions of dollars and planned to take on employees and purchase new building machinery. Die Wirtschaft in Russland stagniert. Autofahren in Russland ist, wie man hier im Video sieht, ziemlich gefährlich. 30 Years After The Wall. The concentration of insurance business is significant across all major segments except compulsory motor third party liability market (CMTPL), as the Top 10 companies in 2013 charged 58.1% premiums in total without compulsory health insurance (CHI). Not Available. [167][168], In 2009 the Russian construction industry survived its most difficult year in more than a decade. Das Ministerium für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der Russischen Föderation, zukünftige Entwicklungen und wirtschaftliche Leistung, wirtschaftliche entwicklung russlands 2019, Managing a Scientific Start-Up – Interview with Ivan Orlov, CEO of Scientific Visual, Wie funktioniert die Wirtschaftsförderung zwischen Russland und der Schweiz? [71] Political turmoil in neighboring Ukraine added to the uncertainty and suppressed investment. Mining (11% of GDP), manufacturing (13%) and construction (4%) are the most important industry segments. Transportation of cargo and freight turnover of public railway transport", "Table 2.24. As before, life insurance and accident insurance are often used by banks as an appendix to a credit contract protecting creditors from the risk of credit default in case of borrower’s death or disability. Russia imports food, ground transports, pharmaceuticals and textile and footwear. Under 2.5% of the population suffer from undernourishment. [citation needed] In 2013, Russia was labeled a high-income economy by the World Bank.[69]. [146], Russia comprises roughly three-quarters of the territory of the former Soviet Union. [127], Corruption in Russia is perceived as a significant problem[128] impacting all aspects of life, including public administration,[129] law enforcement,[130] healthcare[131] and education. Northern areas concentrate mainly on livestock, and the southern parts and western Siberia produce grain. Fatal Accidents 2020 vs 2019 Global Year-to-Date. [149], Russia's defense industry employs 2.5 – 3 million people, accounting for 20% of all manufacturing jobs. 7Fragen an Mauro Moretto und Danae Perez, „Kulturexport – ein deutscher Wodka als Unikat“. [citation needed] The largest firearm manufacturer in the country, Kalashnikov Concern, produces about 95% of all small arms in Russia and supplies to more than 27 countries around the world. At the same time premium to GDP ratio net of life and accident insurance remained at the same level of 1.1% as in 2012. Eine wesentliche Rolle spielt dabei "Russland in Zahlen", ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt der AHK, der Wirtschaftsabteilung der Deutschen Botschaft Moskau und Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI). 18 check-ins. In der ersten Jahreshälfte 2019 wird das Wachstum der russischen Wirtschaft nach den Erwartungen der Zentralbank voraussichtlich durch kurzfristig wirksame Faktoren wie das schwächere Wachstum der Weltwirtschaft, niedrigere Ölpreise und die preistreibenden Wirkungen der Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer vorübergehend gedämpft werden. Currently, Russia controls 3% of the offshore software development market and is the third leading country (after India and China) among software exporters[citation needed].

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