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I have a Synology NAS on my home network, when I try to connect to my NAS by clicking 'Go' then 'Connect to the server'. You can replace expensive servers or even cloud services with a Synology NAS. I then type in 'smb://'. After making sure both Router and NAS are connected properly, open any web browser on your PC and enter find.synology.com. You cannot access the NAS using a Synology Quick-Connect connection b. Go to 'File services > Win/Mac/NFS'. Image from Synology. L2TP over IPSec is a much more secure connection method, especially in comparison to PPTP. If you want to connect over the internet from remote location then QuickConnect will be a better option. Look at the backside of Synology NAS you will find an Ethernet LAN port. It will take a few seconds and you’ll see the details of your NAS along with Model Number, Mac Address, IP Address, and Status. It says Connecting and then Not Connected. Follow these instructions to connect to a file share or NAS drive in Mac OS. I know I could: Once connected Switch ON the NAS box. I'm running Mountain Lion OS on my MacBook Air, I am new to Macs so learning my way through the setup process. For starters, it's important that the NAS should know it can communicate with Windows. The Game starts now. So recently, after I installed Catalina I found, like everyone else, Catalina sucks with synology NAS for whatever reason. I wonder how to get on the NAS to change the parameter assigned before in DHCP instead so that can be recognized now. The Install. Access your Synology NAS via the management web page; Go to: Control Panel -> Terminal & SNMP; Check “Enable SSH service” Apply; Connect with Terminal (Mac & Linux) Open terminal and run the following command from Terminal. To get started, download the latest version of VPN Tracker 365 – it’s free to try out. Synology is one of the most popular manufacturers of Network-attached Storage systems. Now use an ethernet cable to connect the NAS with your PC. Please note the prerequisites: You require a static IP address for this to work. My Italian friend Luigi Cigliano has found a way to solve one of the biggest problems that plague macOS Catalina, namely a connection problem between macOS Catalina and Synology NAS. eg afp:// When you log in as a user it will mount your own home folder, but not other people’s home folders. Typical folders users like to sync are as follows: The most popular and easiest way to connect over the Internet or Local network inc. WiFi is using QuickConnect. Access using Web browser with QuickConnect. Centralize data storage and backup, streamline file collaboration, optimize video management, and secure network deployment to facilitate data management. 4. How to Configure your Synology NAS as a VPN server for your Mac. I was able to resolve the issue by resetting the DNS and ARP table cache. You cannot access the NAS when it’s remote from you without taking special steps c. The most important part of this setup presumes (requires) you to be on the same RFC-1918 Private Network (e.g. Enable SSH on your Synology NAS. In this tutorial, IT Block assists you in setting up an L2TP over IPSec VPN access to your Synology NAS server and connect with your Mac. Enable NFS Access through the Synology Firewall. Yes… I can connect to my Nas via my laptop, Mac, iPhone etc. The only issue I have is the Mac doesn't allow me to configure the card manually. Some NAS devices have wifi, and some allow the use of wifi if you connect a dongle to a USB port on the device. After upgrading to macOS Catalina 10.15, I encountered problems accessing my Synology NAS and network HD. Apart from common file types, such as documents, images, videos and music, you can also open Synology Office document, spreadsheets and slides in the user-friendly viewer provided by Drive. Are you referring to the interaction of the data between your local machine and the NAS? When I access the Synology via my Macbook pro as stated by using AFP:///folder I can access that folder fine, however if I reboot the mac the OS does NOT retain the mapping and I have to go into "connect to server" everytime. If you have the Synology NAS built in firewall active, you’ll need to enable rules to allow the required NFS ports. In other words, NAS offers a flexible and protected way to manage Mac storage that’s far beyond that of standard external hard drives. Synology Drive iOS application allows you to easily access and manage files in your Synology Drive on the go. It takes two steps to access your NAS. I got a new router from my provider and the local address is now 192.168.1.X, so obiously now I cannot see the NAS. However if I try to connect to the Plex Server, it will not find the server, even the Plex App within my Synology Desktop will not open… If you do Other, perhaps less obvious, positives of NAS include things like automated backups and the ability to mirror data on two drives. With WebDrive, you can easily map a network drive to Synology NAS and connect via WebDAV. 192.168.x.x, 172.16.x.x - 172.31.x.x, or 10.x.x.x). This type of connection is extremely easy to set up. This is Web-based access via your browser. From off campus, you will need to use Remote Desktop. This video guides you through the process of setting up a QuickConnect ID on your Synology device. One of the simplest ways to securely access your home network is by using a VPN. Considering that my plan was always to connect it directly to my network by way of an Ethernet cable, the other connections weren't that important to me. If you have any questions about your Fully Qualified Domain Name (your FQDN is the text typed by Step 3), contact Computer Support at help@lscg.ucsb.edu. Contact your drive manufacturer for more technical support. Since there is such a wide range of NAS drives on the market, it’s impossible to suggest specific troubleshooting steps for your particular drive. To set up and manage a NAS, you connect to it over a network. Synology has a feature called QuickConnect, which allows you to connect to the NAS at home without using any IP addresses. WebDrive lets you assign a simple drive letter (S, for example) to your NAS, so you click and access all of your files from the familiar interface of your Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. We get -connecting -authentication in progress -ready to connect -session with "name name" is finished The same connection from a windows machine works. If you are using in within the company, you can use it to store backups, replace an expensive backup appliance with a combination of NAS and Nakivo Backup & […] Synology Drive Client’s data will reside in the Windows libraries or Mac once you complete the Drive setup or you can customize the Synology Drive client application to sync specific folders. I installed the Synology Mac app and connected the NAS to my network. Surely you don’t mean “mounting?” That’s very simple, as the other posters mention. Read along to learn how to map a network drive and avoid some common NAS mistakes. Enable SSH on your Synology NAS and connect using Windows, Mac or Linux. Check the box 'Enable Windows file service'. Wait until you get a beep that means the NAS system successfully booted up. That's pretty much it for connecting. However, my new problem is, I can no longer connect to the NAS while I am using my VPN. The app simply finds the NAS and then launches an admin webpage. Open the control panel. Synology NAS is the most versatile, easy to use, NAS system to date. Hi ChuckPA, Thank you for replying. I click the DS in Finder, and it doesn't connect. I got that corrected and can actually find it on network now. To mount the NAS and see it on your desktop you need to use the ‘Go’ menu in your OSX Menu Bar and select ‘Connect to Server.’ Type in afp:// followed by the IP address of the NAS. When that’s done, a new box appear with the link you’ll use to access your NAS remotely from a web browser, as well as the ID you’ll use when remotely accessing your NAS from a mobile device using Synology’s mobile apps. I had to restart the Synology to see the new network interface but using a Cat 5e cable connecting them directly I now get 270MB/s read and 252MB/s write. I bought my Synology DS416play over three years ago and it never performed how I wanted it to be until recently. Hi all, I had a NAS ( synology ds216j ) in my LAN with ip address assigned on In less than an hour you can set up an OpenVPN Server on your Synology NAS and connect securely from just about anywhere in the world.. With this setup, you’ll only have to forward one port from your router, to your NAS. Synology DS220+ NAS Setup: Synology Admin, Quick Connect and Creating Volume 26. If I try 2.5G doesn't show up in the speed options and the maximum size of packets is 1500. Enter the settings for your NAS drive to create new users. To do this, a few small steps are required: Go to the NAS's web interface. To connect, I need to click Connect As and then click Connect (the Name and Password are automatically repopulated and the login remembered by KeyChain). a. With the Mac, connection/authentication is not automatic. Your NAS could connect to your Mac via an Ethernet cable, and could be in the same room as your computer; or it could be in any location as long as it can access your network. Connecting Teamviewer Mac to Teamviewer Synology doesn't work. Deselect Allow connection from non-privileged… (default) Select the checkbox for “Allow users to access mounted subfolders” Click OK. Click OK.

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