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The deflector is dark-tint and a is a standard fitment on the Vulcan S Cafe model in 2021. Professional rider shown on a closed course. Which one impresses? Kawasaki calls the Vulcan S a “sport cruiser” because it’s more agile than most cruisers. The Vulcan VN700A with Kawasaki’s first V-twin was limited to a 699 cc engine to avoid import tariffs on anything over 700 cc. Ninja 650L – Learner. For a first series, The Vulcan 400 featured a 398 cc liquid-cooled twin engine, and was fitted with a belt drive and six-speed transmission. The Vulcan S returned 25.8kmpl on the Highway test cycle while the Street 750 delivered a slightly better 27.6kmpl. Unlike any other cruiser, the Vulcan ® S is designed to transport riders into a sporty realm in edgy style. 1986–2004: Vulcan 400 series. It’s agile because it’s comparatively small, at least against its 900 cc and 1700 cc siblings, similar to the Z650 and the Ninja 650, with both of which it shares its parallel twin engine. A superb range of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories are available for the Vulcan S; Saddle Bags, Light Bars, Tank Bag, Tail Bag, Rear Rack and kits to set the Vulcan S up for solo or 2-up touring. The Ninja 650-like gauge might seem out of place on a cruiser, but its layout is close to perfection. Locate a demonstrator unit and test ride a new Kawasaki motorcycle, Jet Ski, Mule utility vehicle and ATV at a Kawasaki dealership. Base Price: $7,999 Price as Tested: $8,924 (KQR Soft Saddlebags & Top Case) Warranty: 1 yr., unltd. Date of registration 01/03/2018. Chopper oder Cruiser sind derzeit ein wenig aus der Mode gekommen. Test rode a Kawasaki Vulcan S last weekend. The 2020 Kawasaki Vulcan® 900 Custom cruiser features wide drag bars and forward-mounted footpegs to create a comfortable riding position and a potent 903cc V-twin engine for a thrilling ride. The Kawasaki Vulcan lineup consists of two main models, with various specs in the overarching models, the big brother, better known as the Vulcan 900 and the little brother, or Vulcan S. Each model shares design and styling cues, with the most notable difference coming in the form of either the 649cc parallel twin or the 903cc V-twin. Specifications subject to change. Small cruiser with an attitude. KAWASAKI CARES: Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and proper apparel. Ganz matt, und genauso matt ist der einzige alternative Style, der zur Auswahl steht: ein Grün. The 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S with its affordable purchasing price and low running cost is the perfect motorcycle for any rider to get across the city to chill with friends. It allows you to drop everything at a moment’s notice and take-off with a smile. The series 2 Vulcan 400 featured a 399 cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine similar in design to the 750. the vulcan s is the ultimate evolution of the formula, with the heart of a sportsbike and the comfort of a classic cruiser. A 1,700cc digitally fuel-injected V-twin engine plus Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology (K-ACT II) ABS and electronic cruise control help make the Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS … Blending an aggressive ride with a vintage styling and a powerful 649cc engine, this bike kicks any experience into high gear. Design and engineering. Compared to the BS4 model, the Vulcan S gets a price increase of Rs. The Kawasaki Vulcan S is the newest addition to the middleweight cruiser segment in India and is styled unconventionally, but looks appealing from most angles. The engine was tuned for rider-friendly power characteristics that will inspire confidence in all riders. Read Owner’s Manual and all on-product warnings. Over the last weekend, I had the opportunity to ride the newly launched Kawasaki Vulcan S. I was contacted by Chris the night on Friday that he has the ride with him and that I could pick the bike up for the weekend to test it out. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Kawasaki introduced the Vulcan 400 in 1986 as an entry level cruiser. Hemos enfrentado dos interesantes opciones en forma de custom para el carné A2. Learner Approved Road Bikes. 5.79 Lakh. The Vulcan S offers smooth starts, smooth acceleration, and a satisfying pull when accelerating. Genuine Accessories. This is the first ever instance of Kawasaki launching a cruiser motorcycle in India and of course, the company is betting big on it. Price and specifications are subject to change without notice or liability. It … 2021 Vulcan S. Learner Cruiser. See specs, photos and pricing on Motorcycles at 2021 Vulcan S SE. The Vulcan feels better planted on the road without being heavy feeling. Kawasaki Vulcan S 650 2020 with FREE UK DELIVERY AND FREE SIX MONTHS TAX INCLUDED IN THE SALE PRICE. Learner Cafe Cruiser. Only one owner and low miles at 2652. The Kawasaki Vulcan S not only looks like a full-size bike, it’s a bike that learners can keep and stay on throughout their riding journey. 2017/2018 MY. Take the Kawasaki Expert questionnaire to help guide you and decide the right bike for you. The BS6 compliant variant of the Kawasaki Vulcan S cruiser has been launched in India and it is priced at Rs. The Kawasaki Vulcan is listed within the ‘Cruiser’ section of the firm's range. Based around the same DOHC 650cc parallel-twin engine as used in the popular Ninja 650 and Z650 sports bikes, the Vulcan S is also offered in both full power and LAMS guises. The Kawasaki Vulcan S debuted in 2017 and provides multiple features that are desirable in a beginner's motorcycle. Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe dyno chart. It stands out from the crowd with its Parallel Twin engine, very modern and urban looks will ensure that it is always noticed wherever you decide to take it. Slightly smaller than the others too. 2021 Vulcan S Cafe. Unlike the Rebel on which it sounds like a tin can, the Vulcan S has a deeper ‘brap’ sound overall. Kawasaki's Vulcan cruiser line dates back to 1984 with the introduction of the Vulcan 750. Ask for this Vulcan S ABS SE by stock number A06375-U or make and model. The Vulcan S is fitted with the Kawasaki neutral finder; when stationary in first gear, just shift up and it … Manufacturers suggested retail prices shown. 2018 Kawasaki Vulcan S in orange. The Vulcan S offers Standards Reach, Reduced Reach (for shorter riders) and Extended Reach (for taller riders) options. Kawasaki has launched various motorcycles based on this 650cc engine, right from the street naked Z650 to the adventure tourer Versys 650 and now a cruiser in the Vulcan S. This itself speaks volumes for the versatility and reliability of the motor. With its 14 litre fuel tank capacity and the Parallel Twin engine’s good fuel economy, the long range offered by the Vulcan S means riders can go longer between fill-ups—convenient in town, and reassuring when out on a daytrip. Kawasaki launched its first Vulcan in 1985. 2016 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS Café. LAMS Road Bikes. Kawasaki Vulcan S vs Harley-Davidson Street 750: Road Test Review Both are the only options for a sub-Rs 7 lakh cruiser but offer different riding impressions. Menu. 5.79 lakh. Somewhat surprisingly, it is Japanese brand Kawasaki that has one of the best factory setups for creating a custom-fit cruiser, in the Vulcan S range. There’s a neat LCD tacho that displays all the required information too, including speed, revs, fuel range, indicators, and gearing. The arrival of the Kawasaki Vulcan S was a big coup of sorts for the Japanese manufacturer. Stunning looking bike in as new condition with just 918 Miles. The Kawasaki Vulcan S was recently launched in India at a price of ₹ 5.44 lakh. Kawasaki Vulcan S 2021. And while it has plenty of practical uses, the 2015 Vulcan S is fun, above anything else. Kawasaki Vulcan S BS6 Launched In India; Priced At Rs. Even though it is a LAMS cruiser it has ample torque-seems as good as 800's I've ridden. with capable torque, high rpm and generous lean angles, every ride on the vulcan s motorcycle has the potential for excitement. 30,000. Fast forward to 2013 and Kawasaki’s Vulcan is still going strong. Also, the Vulcan S is the better quality bike of the two. Long saddled without an entry-level cruiser to call its own, the Vulcan S … Today there’s an eight model line up made up of cruisers and tourers – three 900cc v-twins and five 1,700cc v-twins. Fitted with an Arrow exhaust, screen, panniers and handguards. It has that same exposed monoshock spring as the Kawasaki Ninja 650L etc. miles Website: kawasaki… Talk to your Kawasaki Dealership about getting the right fit for you on the Vulcan S. The Vulcan S is an extremely adaptable cruiser that showcases adjustable positions for every rider. 2020 Canadian Kawasaki Motors, Inc. Schön schwarz. This line has featured models such as the Nomad (2006-current), 1700 Vaquero (2011-2012), and VN1700 Classic (2012-current). The Vulcan S doesn’t do that; when it was first introduced back in 2014 I applauded Kawasaki for that fact. Aber da die Honda Rebel so erfolgreich ist, haben wir die Konkurrenz von Kawasaki ins Visier genommen und die Vulcan S zum Test einbestellt.. Das "S" steht nicht für Sport. Someone should really inform trade descriptions. Stock due Dec 20/Jan 21 The Kawasaki Vulcan S is not your average cruiser. The Vulcan ® 1700 Voyager ® ABS motorcycle is the king of Kawasaki cruisers. Check out this Used 2018 Pearl Lava Orange Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS SE available from Indian Motorcycle of San Diego in San Diego, California. Availability is subject to production, stocking and demand. 2021 NINJA 650L SE. Learner. I was excited, yet at the same time nervous, as this is the first of its kind, a cruiser, I will be riding. Looks great, nothing else with quite the same looks.

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